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Cappellini w/ Sauce
Linguini w/ Sauce
Over Cappellini
Over Linguini
Over Penne
Over Spaghetti
Penne w/ Sauce
Salad with Blue Cheese
Salad with Caesar
Salad with French
Salad with Honey Mustard
Salad with No Dressing
Salad with Oil and Balsamic
Salad with Oil and Red Vinegar
Salad with Raspberry
Salad with Russian
Spaghetti w/ Sauce
Alfredo (+1.00)
Fra Diavolo
Francaise (+1.00)
Garlic and Oil (+1.00)
Marsala (+1.00)
Meat Sauce (+1.00)
Pink (+1.00)
Pink Basil (+1.00)
Red Clam (+1.50)
Ricotta (+1.50)
Same Sauce (+1.00)
Scampi (+1.00)
Vodka (+1.00)
Vodka w/ Chicken (+2.00)
White Clam (+1.50)
Special Instructions (Example: Extra Salt, Well-Done):
Special instructions may result in additional charges.

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